Conveyancing When Purchasing A Property

Whether you are buying a new-build property or a resale, our team will take care of every aspect of property transfer.

Preparing your purchase

More often than not a private contract is signed between the seller and the buyer, before granting the public deed. The main conditions on the purchase will be reflected in the private contract (the property being purchased, the price and the way of payment and the completion date). Also a deposit is paid to guarantee the purchase. It is very important to have good advice before signing a document like this. Our solicitors will provide you with expert guidance right from the beginning of the purchase procedure.

Our service includes the necessary searches to make sure the following:

  • who the owner of the property is
  • that the property has no charges or encumbrances,
  • whether the corresponding occupancy certificate has been duly issued
  • that there are no outstanding taxes or utility bills.

Note that if you are buying off-plan most of the above mentioned searches will be done just before completion. Therefore, our team will initially focus in checking that the plot of land is under the developer’s name and that there is a valid building licence. Also, we will check that the private contract includes a clause confirming that the instalments paid while the property is being built are guaranteed by means of what is known generically as a ‘bank guarantee’.

Completing your purchase

When the time comes to complete the purchase, the Title Deed (Escritura) is signed before a Public Notary. The buyer and the seller must attend signature of the Title Deed together at the Notary’s Office. However, Laakso Law & Advisors, SLP can attend on your behalf having Power of Attorney.

Power of Attorney can be arranged either in Spain or in your country.

Please note that it is compulsory for foreigners to obtain a NIE number, otherwise the purchase completion cannot take place. NIE is the foreigners identification number for tax purpose.

After your purchase

After completing, it is time to pay the corresponding taxes and to make sure the property is duly registered in your name at the Land Registry office.

Last steps will be setting up all the utilities contracts for your property and the direct debits to pay them.

To sum up, our conveyancing service includes:

  • legal advice
  • drafting or checking of purchase contract
  • Land Registry searches
  • managing payments & bank guarantees
  • translation of deeds on completion or completing on your behalf by Power of Attorney
  • completing and filing tax forms
  • arranging registration of deeds
  • setting up utilities and direct-debit payment mandates.


Also we can assist you to obtain NIE numbers, to arrange Power of Attorney and to deal with banks in case you need to open a bank account in Spain or want to take advantage of a mortgage in Spain.

Browse through the below topics to find more information about taxes involved in property purchase and the taxes you will pay once you become owner of a property in Spain.

Please contact us and we will prepare a proposal of services that best suits your needs.




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